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Bespoke starter pack for KareInn,
the pioneering care home app.

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Karen briefed myself and creative copywriter Jo Ring to developer a bespoke starter pack, which is presented to care homes that sign up to their digital platform. We wanted the pack to have presence, but not so much as to intimidate the team members who were already under a deluge of poorly designed materials.

The concept for the pack itself became the ‘Carer’s TLC Kit’ - a kit of goodies that demonstrates that Karen are here to make life easier for the care team - in more ways that one. For once, they’re going to get a bit of TLC themselves.

The result was a pack that was simple but premium-looking, using coated board and modular foam layers which housed the contents which included: 8 mobile phones and chargers, printed welcome materials, stress balls and even foot sprays. The foam layers could be switched to allow the chargers to sit at the top of the box, in turn making it a central charging station.