June 8, 2017No Comments

Looking back to where it all began

Been looking through my archives and finally got round to adding some of my early Good Looking Record's design work. It was an incredibly important phase of my career, straight from University into the deep-end of music design.

Whilst University had taught me more about life, I'd become disillusioned about design and where I might end up. GLR was my true education, and under the guidance of my mentor and friend, Nick Purser, I learnt how to create something from nothing - often working with little or no budget. The first true test was working on a 12" sleeve artwork, once you'd earned the trust of the team. I'll never forget the first time I saw one of my designs on the shelves of the local Virgin Records megastore.

A feeling you never lose, whatever the artwork may be.

View some of the artwork here

May 21, 2017No Comments

The newest on-demand wine delivery app in London

Vinterest's vision is to be an online wine store with a more traditional feel that offers a convenient way to order wines at good value prices directly to your door.

Our challenge was to create a brand that felt modern and trustworthy, whilst appealing to their varied demographics.

The brand itself is built around the 'V' marque - itself a direct combination of traditional and modern - the upright of the classic sans serif holding the dot of the i, or the top of a wine work / bottle of wine.

View the full project here

August 27, 20142 Comments

A fresh take on Business Affairs

Really excited to see my new brand identity for Business Affairs company Mint & Co launch in 2017. The client wanted a brand that was playful and energetic, and moved away from the usual visual identities associated with the Business Affairs industry.

View the full project here